Start Dates (Avon)


Classes begin the first Tuesday of each month. The school reserves the right to change the starting months and dates as it becomes necessary

MISSION STATEMENT Our mission at J. Michael Harrold Beauty Academy, Inc. is to provide the opportunity to receive a quality post-secondary education in the field of Cosmetology and Esthetics.  Our goal is to prepare our students to pass the state licensure examination.  By building a foundation of knowledge as well as providing access to the newest skills, techniques and products available, we can make this goal a reality.  As a result – our objective of instilling a sense of professionalism in each student will be met.

CAREER OPPORTUNITES There are many opportunities open to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.  The Academy prepares all graduates for the licensing exam and entry-level positions in their career. You will have the tools necessary to expand into the areas of salon owner/manager. Additional industry experience could lead to employment as a manufacturer sales/education person/platform artist, and a distributor sales consultant.


The kit contains the instruments and equipment necessary to complete the course.  Students are expected to maintain the kit by replacing lost, missing or broken items.  The kit should remain in school until graduation. The implements and products provided are to be used on school clients and/or models as assigned in order to develop required skills and speed.  A locker is furnished to each student for personal items.  Students are responsible for their personal property. Books and personal items not in use should be stored in lockers or vehicle. The school is not responsible or liable for lost or stolen items. Students will supply their own padlock for locker and kit.


Estheticians: Pastel scrubs only. Esthetician’s fingernails must be short (clipped, filed & clean). Cosmetologist: Professional black pants (no jeans). Capri’s or skirt (below knees) must be worn. No inappropriate writings, symbols, or pictures on Tops – no midriffs. No shirts of sheer materials are to be worn. No tank tops no cut off shirts or tops with bare midriffs, low necklines or bare backs are to be worn. Leggings must be covered with an article of clothing that is at least fingertip length.  Rubber sole closed type (no holes) shoes. A uniform smock (one is provided in the equipment student receives at beginning of training) and name badge is always to be worn. Always project a professional image representative of the cosmetology and image industry.